Roadside Assistance

Towing the Line Inc is a family owned company that is well known for providing roadside assistance services. We take pride in the fact that we have helped millions of clients to get on the road. Here are some facts on what you should know about our roadside assistance services.


  • We work with experts
  • We have invested in modern towing equipment
  • We serve all customers no matter age limit or requirements

Tire Bust Replacement

If your tire bursts or gets flat before you get to your destination, you can get in touch with us a quick and stress free roadside assistance service. Our team will come to your location and replace the tire with a new one in no time. We will also give you some insights on what you should do to make sure that such incidents do not occur frequently in the future.

Engine Startup

The engine is equivalent to your brain or your heart. If any of the two organs fail, you will end up in hospital fighting for your dear life. If the car’s engine develops complication, we will help you get it up by carrying out tests and rectifying the issues that we will identify as you wait inside the vehicle or by the road.

Finally, our support team is active on social media so you will be sure to get a response within the shortest time possible. Our towing services are also affordable and convenient for all clients.

Get in touch for the best roadside assistance package.